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Member Focus: Tom Perkins

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 08 Aug 2019
Member Focus: Tom Perkins

Occupation: Deputy Court Marshal, Clark County Constable, Emergency Medical Technician, and Adjunct Instructor for Clark County Fire Department's Emergency Management Program
Member Since: 1987


Retirement had been part of Tom Perkins' plan from the beginning. It was in the back of his mind as he served his country for seven years in the military and then again as he served his community as a police officer.

The years passed, and as Tom realized retirement was not that far off, he found himself taking on even more community service roles.

"I've always wanted to help people and make a difference in our Tom Perkinscommunity," Tom shared. "When I retired from the Boulder City Police Department in 2018, I took on the role of Deputy Court Marshal in the Municipal/Justice Court, in addition to being a Clark County Constable within Clark County. I also work as an Emergency Medical Technician in Las Vegas, and as an adjunct Instructor for the Clark County Fire Department's Emergency Management Program."

Clearly, Tom needs to review the definition of retirement. But, looking at his family's work ethic, Tom's decision to work hard and do good is a long-held family trait.

"I became a police officer shortly after my stint in the military, thanks in large part to wanting to follow in my father's footsteps," Tom said, fondly recalling his father's career as an Air Force law enforcement officer.

His father's career is why Tom was born in Germany and moved to Las Vegas at the age of five.

"Outside of a seven-year tour of service in the U.S. Army, I have lived here ever since."

As Tom worked toward his retirement, he didn't want to leave anything to chance. He knew he'd want the financial freedom to do what he wanted ¬even if that was taking on additional responsibilities.

"The expertise of One Nevada Investment Services has had a direct, positive impact on my retirement," Tom added.

When Tom had first entered the workforce, he followed his parent's lead and joined a large investment company.

"I didn't receive the customer service I had hoped for, probably since my investments were of modest quality," Tom quipped. "That changed when I placed my confidence and money into One Nevada's Investment group."

If he could get a do-over for any part of his retirement plan, Tom says he would put more emphasis on his retirement a lot earlier.

"I became serious about saving when I turned thirty," he said. "And although I have been successful, I could be in a better position had I started sooner."

One area of his financial life that Tom is satisfied with is his One Nevada membership. Tom's favorite thing about One Nevada Credit Union is the friendly smiles and helpful people who really care.

"From your customer call center to your branch managers, I am always treated very well and I have become friends with several of the staff."

Once he fully retires, Tom plans to see more of the U.S., take another cruise, and enjoy the life he's built in Las Vegas with his fiancé Tracy, many family members, and canine companion named Candy. From the sound of it, he'll also be cheering on the Golden Knights.

Thank you, Tom. Your service to this country and membership at the credit union mean the world to everyone here.

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