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Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Protect Your Biggest Investment and Your Belongings

We've got affordable insurance options for homeowners and renters alike. Protect yourself, your family and your possessions by choosing the policy that's right for you!

Homeowners Insurance

  • Cover damage or destruction to your home or property
  • Protect yourself with personal liability coverage
  • Meet mortgage requirements

Renters Insurance

  • Protect what you have from theft or damage
  • Cover temporarily living expenses if your rental is damaged
  • Protect yourself with personal liability coverage

We also offer flood insurance for homeowners and renters. Ask our local, Nevada-based agents if you need, or could benefit from, adding flood insurance.

Home / Renters Insurance FAQs

  • What are some practical things that I can do to lower the cost of my homeowners insurance?
  • What does homeowners insurance cover?
  • What is the difference between 'actual cash value' and 'replacement cost'?
  • What factors should I consider when purchasing homeowners insurance?
  • What are the policy limits (i.e., coverage limits) in the standard homeowners policy?
  • Where and when is my personal property covered?
  • Do I need earthquake coverage, and how can I get it?
  • Why should I buy homeowner's insurance?
  • What is a deductible?
  • How much will I pay for homeowner's insurance?
  • How can I lower my premium?
  • If my home burned to the ground, how much money would the insurance company pay me per my policy?
  • What if I'm found liable for injuring another person?
  • What kinds of damage does a basic homeowner's policy cover?
  • What damage to my house would not be covered by my homeowner's policy?
  • How will I be able to recall the contents of my home if it is destroyed?
  • What can I do about expensive possessions, like jewelry and camera equipment, that are far more valuable than the coverage limits of my homeowner's policy?
  • I want to buy a condominium. Will my homeowner's policy be different from the one I had when I owned a house?
  • I'm renting an apartment. Will my landlord's insurance cover my belongings if the building burns down?
  • Besides me, who else is covered under my homeowner's policy?
  • Why would I want to buy renters insurance?
  • How does a renters policy protect my personal property?
  • Why do some apartment complexes require tenants to have renters insurance?
  • What if I share my apartment with a roommate? Do we both need to have renters insurance?
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