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Visa® Signature Rewards Credit Card

Introducing your Visa® Signature credit card

Visa® Signature Rewards card advantages

  • Credit lines from $5,000
  • 24/7 cardholder service
  • 25-day interest grace period
  • No annual cardholder fees
You can feel confident using a Visa® Signature credit card for daily purchases and earn ongoing rewards.

Choose the best card for you

VISA Platinum Credit Card 13.50% -
VISA Signature Credit Card 13.50% -
VISA Shared Secured Card 17.00% -

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Earn points or cash back

Earn points or cash back

Our CURewards® program is designed to help you get the most out of your Visa® Signature credit card. Earn points and redeem them for travel, luxury items, or cash back.
Your Visa® Signature Rewards Credit Card awaits

Visa® Signature Rewards Card FAQs

APR = Annual Percentage Rate and is listed "as low as." Mortgage rates excluded; call for APR. APRs can increase after the loan consummation if the loan terms allow an APR to increase. Currently, Visa® variable APRs are between 12.75% and 21.75%, depending on your credit history and other factors. Rates may change periodically based on the Prime Rate. View Visa® Credit Card Rates, Fees, and Cost Information (PDF).


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