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Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Visa® credit cards that help you earn

Earn from your everyday purchases with our Visa® credit cards. Find the right match for your spending habits from our card, which combines a sensible credit limit with impressive rewards-earning potential.

Superior Visa® credit cards

  • Credit limits to $4,999
  • Earn rewards every day
  • Get free travel insurance
Get the same rewards and protections as our other Visa® credit cards, with a lower limit for an easier monthly payoff.

Which Visa® credit card is best for you


Visa® Platinum Share Secured Credit Card

Secured by your savings account.

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$0 Monthly Fee

Best for those trying to build or rebuild credit without overspending.

Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Limits up to $4,999 with a variable rate.

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$0 Monthly Fee

Best for consistent monthly spenders who don’t need a sky-high limit.

Visa® Signature Rewards Credit Card

Limits start at $5,000 with a variable rate.

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$0 Monthly Fee

Best for spenders who want to maximize their reward-earning potential.
Maximize your Visa® credit card’s value Nevada Credit Union

Maximize your Visa® credit card’s value

Want to earn points for travel or merchandise? We have you covered. Earn towards your next luxury purchase or travel bookings. We will deposit your rewards or redeemed cash back into your account every month.
Credit cards: all you need to know

Visa® credit cards FAQs

APR = Annual Percentage Rate and is listed "as low as." Mortgage rates excluded; call for APR. APRs can increase after the loan consummation if the loan terms allow an APR to increase. Currently, Visa® variable APRs are between 12.75% and 21.75%, depending on your credit history and other factors. Rates may change periodically based on the Prime Rate. View Visa® Credit Card Rates, Fees, and Cost Information (PDF).


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