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Account Alerts

Real-time bank account alerts for added security

How long would it take to learn about a fraudulent bank transaction? With real-time bank account alerts, you get an email or mobile notification for every transaction immediately.

Get your bank mobile alert instantly

  • Alerts for low balances
  • Alerts for debit transactions
  • Alerts for due dates
  • Alerts for posted payments
With account alerts, you can set up email and text messages that notify you when events happen in your accounts.

Get the most from your accounts


Need a loan or credit line?

Our interest rates are designed to help members of our community get the financing and lines of credit they need to achieve their dreams. Competitive interest rates are available for:

  • Home loans and mortgage refinances
  • Vehicle, boat, and RV loans
  • Signature loans and credit cards
30 Year Fixed - 1 point
as low as:
7.256% APR*
30 Year Fixed - 1 point
as low as:
7.125% APR*

Understanding and Combating Spoofing Fraud: An Essential Guide for Awareness

Stay alert, keep accounts safe, and control spending

Bank Account Alerts FAQs

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