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We have big news - we're updating our digital banking system!

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 30 Mar 2023
We have big news - we're updating our digital banking system!

Exciting digital banking changes are coming.

Below are some frequently asked questions members have had about the changes coming soon.


Q. What does digital banking mean?
A. Digital banking means online and mobile banking applications you use from your computer or through the One Nevada mobile app on your cell phone or tablet.

Q. Will my account number change?
A. No, your account number will remain the same.

Q. Can I keep my same User ID?
A. Yes, you can keep the same User ID you use today to access your account in our new platform.

Q. Can I keep the same password?
A. As long as your existing password meets the requirements, you can enjoy using your current password. It must be at least eight characters and contain 1 lowercase letter and a minimum of 1 number.

Q. Where should I look for updates or details regarding this change?
A. In addition to the mail and emails sent, we'll update this site with valuable information as it becomes available.

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