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Using Your Travel Benefits

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 11 May 2018
Using Your Travel Benefits

RELAX! Yeah, you probably left the lights on but your vacation is covered!

Summertime travel is a wonderful thing. Whether you're visiting a theme park, traveling to some place lush and green or going tropical, relaxation is the name of the game. Part of that leisure starts with some surprising benefits that you can use to protect your vacation from the unexpected.

Debit and credit cards can be a great convenience when you're traveling. It's so much easier than carrying cash or travelers' checks. But the bad guys increasingly try to find ways to use your card fraudulently. To help protect yourself, keep your debit and credit cards in check with self-regulating spending limits and geographic controls. These simple Card Control tools can help prevent the fraudsters from using your card.

All One Nevada debit cards come with our Card Control feature. Using the One Nevada mobile App, you can turn your cards on and off. Plus, you can use Card Controls to establish spending limits and geographic boundaries tied to your smartphone's location. This same service will be added to our credit cards in late 2018.

GO MOBILE Using Your Travel Benefits
Download and utilize any smartphone apps that allow you to securely manage your money while on vacation. You never know when you will need to log in to check a balance or make a transfer.

The One Nevada Credit Union Mobile App is a great way to add some financial Zen to your vacation. Download it to your phone to transfer funds, pay bills, make deposits, find nearby ATMs, and check your credit card purchases from anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of benefits to carrying and using a credit card while on vacation. Watch for many of these perks when you pay for your plane tickets, hotels and rental cars with your credit card or card rewards points.

Get New Cards Quick: Most cards offer 24/7 replacement if your card is ever lost or stolen. Companies can also help with cash advances and ATM locations. It's a nice perk that can turn a ruined vacation into a salvaged one.

Protect Your Luggage: When you pay for the cost of your transportation with a card, your luggage may be covered up to a set dollar amount. One Nevada's Signature Card covers luggage theft or carrier misdirection up to $1,250. While that covers a lot of what might be in your luggage, it doesn't cover everything. To further protect your belongings, travel with your camera, smartphone, computer, cash, glasses, contact lenses, tickets or deeds in your carry-on bag.

Question the Rental Car Insurance and Damage Waiver. When you rent a car with a credit card, you may not need the car rental company's add-on insurance. For example, when you use a One Nevada Credit Card, the Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver covers damage due to collision or theft and reimburses you for the deductible portion of your personal automobile insurance. If the car rental company insists that you purchase the insurance or add the waiver, call your card provider. If you're carrying a One Nevada card, call (800) 397-9010 or (410) 902-8012 (outside the U.S.).

One Nevada Tip: If you're in an accident with your rental car, be sure to get a copy of the accident report, a copy of the final auto rental agreement, a copy of the repair estimate, a police report (if available) and two photographs of the damaged vehicle. This will help process your claim quicker.

Call for Roadside Assistance: Beyond car rental coverage, roadside dispatch may also be available with some credit cards. These often include 24/7 towing and locksmith referral services.

Protect Your Smartphone: Ever damage your smartphone? Many credit card companies offer protection plans that can help fix your phone if it's broken. When you pay your monthly wireless bill with your One Nevada Visa® you can cover your primary phone up to $100 per claim with the Cellular Telephone Protection benefit, and this applies even when you're not traveling.

Our One Nevada Visa® Signature Rewards and Visa® Platinum Rewards Credit Cards come with these and many other travel perks.

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