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Money Savings Drill

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 16 Nov 2018
Money Savings Drill

One Nevada was honored to host the Money Savings Drill and sponsor the USO Las Vegas and the Oakland Raiders Foundation Military Combine at Nellis Air Force Base.

Event guests participated in the Money Savings Drill where they had to come up with a money saving tip to receive a prize. They came up with a wide variety of tips for saving money and shared their real life experiences.

Check out their tips below. Do you have any money saving tips they missed? Add them in the post comments on

  1. Eat in – meal prep
  2. Clean your house yourself
  3. Family child care
  4. We swap cars every week to even out the costs
  5. Couponing
  6. Save 10% every month
  7. Never let your credit card have a balance
  8. Interest-free debit card
  9. Start your credit early (16-years-old)
  10. Don't spend
  11. Go to thrift stores
  12. Piggy Bank
  13. No more than 1% spending at the casino
  14. Once a week buffet only
  15. Put money in a piggy bank
  16. Stay home!
  17. Cook at home
  18. Stations Casino buy one get one half off buffet
  19. Save every $5 bill you come across in a year…splurge …you deserve it.
  20. 52-week challenge!
  21. Separate Accounts
  22. Coupons
  23. Wise spender
  24. Invest in buying a house
  25. Savings account
  26. Invest in stocks I cannot touch
  27. 10% of paycheck set aside
  28. Invest change
  29. Budget shopping
  30. Can you live with or without it? Be disciplined

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