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Helping Kids Beware Of Scams!

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 03 Aug 2021
Helping Kids Beware Of Scams!

The world is a big, beautiful place.

Unfortunately, our wonderful world is also home to some not-so-nice people. Their goal is to part others from their money by any means possible. That includes your kids. While they may be too young to have fallen for a scam, it's never too early to learn how to avoid fraud. 

Talk to Your Kids about Con Artists
Gently explain there are some people who will always try to cheat. To help them understand, put it into a story. Tell them about a kid who thought they were buying a cool toy from another student but never got the toy. The other child kept the money and promised to deliver the toy but never did.

The 3 Never Statements can also help them avoid scams and cons.

  • Never agree to give anyone money until you see and can touch the object that's for sale.
  • Never tell anyone where you live, your age, or phone number, whether online or in person.
  • Never download anything onto your phone or computer unless your parents approve.

Once they understand, try playing pretend with them. Act out a scenario where you try to get information or money from them. Pretend to be both a good person and a bad person. When they suspect a scam, encourage them to shout, "Scam Alert!" For even more fun, switch roles.

Fraud Can Happen to Anyone
With the right precautions and information, you can avoid most fraud. Check out our security page for more information.   

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