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By: One Nevada Credit Union / 24 Oct 2018

To ensure a safe Halloween experience, the following suggestions from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/Crime Prevention are for families with children of all ages. Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids and parents. Have a safe and enjoyable night by being prepared for trick or treating!

Before Children Go Out:

  • Make sure costumes fit properly and allow for ease of movement. Shoes should be size appropriate and not be oversized or hard to walk/run in.
  • Props should be free from jagged edges or sharp points. Allow free hands though and do not create a look that requires young children to carry anything other than their candy bag.
  • Choose reflective materials and flame resistant additions to costumes.
  • Face paint allows for better vision/hearing than masks which may be too big or small for a child's face.
  • Organize kids in groups with adult supervision at all times.
  • Include flashlights or other light sources for sidewalks, street crossings, etc.

While Out And About:

  • Obey all traffic and pedistrian laws. Cross only at marked intersections and be on the lookout for traffic at all times.
  • Kids are easily distracted and do not pay attention to their surroundings. Adults must be aware of this at all times.
  • Stay within known boundaries and avoid unknown homes or areas.
  • Pre-plan your route and have a designated return time.
  • Never invite a child into your home, or allow your child to enter a home.
  • Review treats before eating and discard anything that you can not verify or that looks previously opened or tampered with.
  • Have rules and communication with older children if they go without an adult.

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