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Employee Focus: Daniel Duffy

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 28 Nov 2018
Employee Focus: Daniel Duffy

Name: Daniel Duffy
Occupation: Financial Advisor – CUSO Financial Services, L.P. at One Nevada Credit Union

Employee Focus: Daniel Duffy 2

How long have you been with ONCU?
I have served members in the Investment Program for almost 12 years.

Can you explain how the Investment Group , available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS*) can help members?
Our goal is to help improve our customers' financial lives in every area. This could be helping set up college savings to a complete financial plan for their future goals and dreams. Our customer base is so diverse. One day we are helping a family find a better fixed rate another day we are helping with a 401K rollover.

Where can a member meet with you or any of the other CFS* Financial Advisors?
At any one of our branches by appointment, just call us at 702-641-4323.

What's the biggest misconception about financial planning?
People believe you have to have a lot of money to start. We want to educate members on how to build a financial house for their future, including having an adequate emergency fund. Another misconception that hinders people from sitting down with a Financial Advisor is thinking they will get sold something. Our goal is to educate and improve their financial situation. If we are not able to do that, we have no right asking for their business.

At what age should you start financial planning?
The time to start is now. One of the biggest problems I see is procrastination. Most people have good intentions, but never put them into action. The ideal time is a parent starting something for their child, but the bottom line is, it's never too late.

What is the most important thing someone should know before meeting with a CFS* Financial Advisor?
We are not going to force you to do anything. The first appointment will be a "Get to know each other" and how we can best serve their needs appointment. If the customer feels comfortable, we will go from there.

Best part about working at the CU?
It is like a family. It's an atmosphere where everyone loves what they do. The way everyone gets along and the relaxed atmosphere makes it a joy to come to work.

Tell us about a fond memory you have from your first days on the job?
I remember our customers would sit and wait for a certain FSR no matter how long it took. It just made me realize how different ONCU was from any other financial institution I had been a part of and how important relationship building is.

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