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Bank Remotely amid COVID-19

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 16 Mar 2020
Bank Remotely amid COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, all of our branches remain open and ready to serve your banking needs. That said, we encourage you to limit in-person visits as much as possible to help prevent and control germ exposure. Instead, we strongly encourage you to use our safe and secure, remote banking services. Through Online Banking or our Mobile App, you can bank 100% remotely and:

  • Deposit checks
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills
  • Send money to friends and family
  • Apply for vehicle or home loans and credit cards

Plus, with our money monitoring tools, you can stay on top of your balances and transactions, control how and when you use your cards; and watch for fraudulent transactions or account activity. Here's how.

  • Account Alerts
    With our Alerts service, you can get Low Balance email or text message alerts to help you avoid overdraft fees, and get Transaction Alerts so you can stay on top of your purchases and monitor potential fraud activity. To setup Alerts, log in to Online Banking via your web browser and tap ‘Online Services' > ‘Account Alerts' > ‘Manage Alerts'.
  • Card Controls
    Our Card Controls service helps you control where your debit card can be used, the types of transactions you can use it for, and even set spending limits. To enroll for Card Controls, log in to the Mobile App and tap ‘Card Control' from the main menu.
  • KeepTrack
    With our KeepTrack service, you can see all your accounts and transactions in one place, including those with other financial institutions. Plus, every transaction you make is categorized automatically so you can monitor overall expenses and spend smarter. And it even includes a budgeting tool that makes sense and is easy to use.
    • To enroll in KeepTrack, log in to Online Banking from your web browser and tap ‘Online Services' > ‘KeepTrack'.
  • Free Credit Report and Score
    With your One Nevada membership, you can log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App and view your credit report and score for free. Routinely monitoring your credit info can help you stay on top of fraudulent activity. To get your free credit report and score, log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App and tap ‘Credit Score' from the main menu.

Not enrolled in Online Banking yet? Just tap ‘Log In' > ‘New User Login'. You'll need your account number, 8-digit PIN, social security number, zip code, and date of birth to enroll.

Need our Mobile App? Tap below or search your device's app store for ‘One Nevada'.

As always, stay safe, be vigilant, and email or give us a call at 800-388-3000 with any questions.

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