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4 Steps to Credit Repair

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 11 Mar 2020
4 Steps to Credit Repair

Sometimes you are faced with taking steps to repair tarnished credit. Here are four steps to help make that happen.

Step #1: Determine your score – One Nevada's free Credit Score service helps you monitor your credit profile 24/7/365 to ensure there's no suspicious or fraudulent activity. Simply log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App and tap ‘Credit Score'.

Step #2: Review your report and dispute any errors – If you spot any errors on your credit report, dispute them in writing. You'll also need to dispute the charge with your actual creditor.

Step #3: Take steps toward fixing your credit – If you're always late with your credit card payments, set up an automatic bill-pay system. If your debt isn't going anywhere, rethink your spending habits. Also, consider debt consolidation or a balance transfer to an interest-free card. And, finally, find ways to increase your income, using all extra cash for paying down your debt.

Step #4: Ask us for help – We're always happy to help you with any financial situation!

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