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Take the No-Spend Challenge

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 07 Jan 2019
Take the No-Spend Challenge

Does your money burn a hole in your pocket? Find yourself spending more than you'd anticipated … again? If this sounds like you, take the no-spend challenge!

Designate one day a week where you won't spend a penny. No picking up a latte on the way to work. No buying lunch or eating out for dinner. No quick stop at the grocery or random online purchases for things you don't need. Nothing! It's not as hard as you think; just put your mind to it.

Brown-bagging your lunch is a good habit to learn, and you can enjoy the coffee your work provides instead of picking one up at the local Starbucks. Use groceries that are already in your fridge and pantry, and avoid browsing retail sites that make it too easy to waste money. You can do it!

Your Turn: Have you taken the no-spend challenge? How was the experience? What tips can you share with us?

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