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Summer Fun On A Budget

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 14 Jul 2022
Summer Fun On A Budget

Vacations are expensive. With inflation and price increases in lodging, airfare, car rentals, and dining, everything is more expensive this summer. How can you make memories with double-digit price hikes and an uncertain economy? We have a few suggestions.

Skip the Airfare and Hotels (if possible)
Sure, it's all about the journey. But when that journey costs $1,000 or more per person, things can seem out of reach. Driving is likely the cheapest way to travel. Even with current gas prices, driving a family of four is far less expensive than flying.

How do you skip the hotels? Choose a destination where you have family or close friends who also have a guest room (or two). When you lodge with family and friends you also have a built-in tour guide to tell you about local hotspots and tourist traps.

Pack Plenty of Food
You read that right. By packing sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and a plethora of non-perishable food items, you can save upwards of $35 per person per meal. That kind of savings can add up fast. Even if you pack just half of your meals, you'll likely save hundreds.

Stay on Budget
Plan ahead and set a realistic budget for each day. Then, use One Nevada's Keep Track service to track your daily spending. If you go over one day, reduce what you spend the next day. 

Think Outside the Tourist Traps
Theme parks are fun, but they're also expensive. Instead, look for new or less frequented parks and destinations. If you're into roller coasters and rides, there are plenty across the U.S. to tickle any thrill-seeker and not break the bank. Other money-saving options include guided camping adventures, river boat tours, and quirky destinations such as the Oregon Vortex or Corn Palace in South Dakota.

Use Credit Cards that Earn Points
Your vacation may end up costing several thousand dollars, depending on where you go and how well you pinch pennies. Why not earn rewards points for the money you spend? One Nevada Visa® Signature and Platinum Rewards Credit Cards both earn points for everyday purchases, including dinner out, hotel rooms, and more.

Work Remotely
If you're able to work, utilize that freedom on your vacation. Instead of using PTO or losing income, add several work hours to each day of your vacation. While you're busy answering emails and attending meetings, the rest of your family can lounge by the pool or go on a quick outing.

Inflate Your Options with One Nevada 
According to a recent survey from Outdoorsy, 56% of U.S. adults worry about affording a vacation this year due to inflation. If that's you, connect with One Nevada. We'll help you save for your next trip, or finance the one you want to take right now. We're always here to talk and help you set goals.   

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