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It's a Balancing Act - Identity Theft

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 07 Mar 2018
It's a Balancing Act - Identity Theft

There's no denying it, identity theft is a real problem in today's society. It can cost you significant time, money and energy trying to deal with the fallout. That's why we're doing everything we can to help protect your identity and privacy while still trying to make sure you can access your accounts and money easier. The bottom line is that it's a real balancing act that we evaluate continually.

The fraudsters are getting craftier and craftier. We monitor our systems and controls continuously and make needed changes to help keep the fraudsters out. In the past few months, we've made some changes to better protect you.

Account Number Removed from Online Statements Most recently, you may have noticed that we removed your full account number from your online statements. Only the last four digits of your account number are visible now. We made this change to protect your account number if someone other than you or your authorized user(s) accesses your accounts online.

Enhanced Identity Verification Procedures We've also strengthened our identity verification procedures when calling the Member Contact Center. If you've given us a jingle recently, you may have noticed a few extra questions or steps to validate it's really you calling. We could make it easier by telling you exactly what those added questions or steps might be, but that would also arm the fraudsters with the information they need to try and access your accounts.

We appreciate that when you're busy, are in a rush or can't remember a piece of info that it can be frustrating. Our best advice is to do the following four steps so we can authenticate you online, in branch or through the Member Contact Center at (800) 388-3000.

1. Keep a valid email address on file with us so we can communicate with you directly.

2. Keep your account number handy but in a safe place where others won't see it.

3. Know your most recent transactions by monitoring your account activity frequently.

4. Set an account password with us that only you know.

In addition to answering other standard personal questions about yourself, doing and/or knowing the four things listed will help provide you with the information you may need to authenticate yourself when contacting us. Thanks for helping us keep the balance! 

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