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7 Sanity-Saving Thanksgiving Tips

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 15 Nov 2022
7 Sanity-Saving Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is America's official day of football, family, and many culinary traditions, from turkey and stuffing to tofu and Aunt B's famous cranberry salad. Whether you're hosting this year's banquet or traveling long distances to be with those you love, here are 7 quick tips to help you save time, stress, and money.

  1. Be Prepared for Anything at the Airport
    Booking flights as early as possible can help you save some money. Additionally, understanding airline and airport rules can save you a lot of time and stress. Don't forget to bring identification and a passport, if necessary. Remember, some airlines and international flights may require masks while on the plane.
  2. Travel Light
    Unless you'll be gone for over a week, pack only what you need. If you can avoid checking a bag at the airport, you'll save money and time. Plus, you won't have to worry about losing your luggage and being forced to borrow clothes from your cousin.
  3. Consider Everyone's Comfort and Health
    If you're hosting the dinner, set clear expectations about masks. Let those attending know if masks are required, voluntary, or not allowed at all. If someone is feeling a bit under the weather, they may want to consider wearing a mask to avoid getting others sick — even if it's just a common cold.
  4. Get an Accurate Guest Count
    Find out exactly how many guests will attend Thanksgiving at your home. This will help save money on the food budget. If you're going somewhere for Thanksgiving, knowing how many people will attend can help you plan ahead for what to bring (if you are asked to contribute to the menu).
  5. Plan the Menu and Shop Early
    This time of year, families through the community are all searching for some of the same baking and cooking ingredients. Instead of waiting until the last minute, put together your list and head to the store early. And remember, bring along the coupons. According to the Consumer Price Index, food prices have gone up 11.4% since last year.
  6. Buy a Frozen Turkey Now
    Frozen is often cheaper than fresh and can stay in your freezer for weeks. Just be sure to follow the thawing directions.
  7. Create Conversation Cards
    Instead of conversations about politics, family drama, and other polarizing issues, create conversation cards and hand them out to everyone at your event. Ideal topics include new movies, favorite music, sports, and proud family moments such as recent weddings, graduations, and births. 

Happy Thanksgiving from One Nevada
While you're planning your festivities, don't forget that your membership gives you access to plenty of perks to help build your financial future. Those include KeepTrack® personal financial tracking and free credit scores with SavvyMoney®. Plus, we're available at branches throughout the region and ATMs across the country.

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