Your Lunch Break: When Was The Las Time You Took One?

What used to be called the “lunch hour” is now more often referred to as the lunch break, and even that is sometimes giving “lunch” too much credit. If you can’t seem to recall your last break or lunch getaway with friends, it may be time to schedule something now.

Forbes magazine recently posted “14 Things You Should Do On Your Lunch Break Every Day.”
How many of these are you NOT doing?

Here are some of our favorites: 
Get up from your desk or work space. “Staying at your desk is a big no-no in my book,” Kerr says. “There are more and more reports on the dangers of sitting too long, so even just getting up to walk to another room to eat is important, or better still, getting outside for some fresh air and a quick walk can do wonders for the body and spirit.”
Even if you don’t sit at a desk, you should get away from your work space during lunch, as it will help you clear your mind.
Catch up with old friends. If you have a friend who works nearby, try to meet him or her during lunch occasionally. “Remember, your personal life needs tending to just as much as your work-life, so be sure to take the spare time you have and use it to fulfill your personal needs,” Woodward says. Your midday break is a good opportunity to catch up and socialize, in person or by phone—but don’t lose track of time, and don’t treat it like happy hour.
Avoid all screens. Try to stay away from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and computer. “Give your eyes a break,” Taylor says. Most office jobs require you to stare at a screen all day—so try to avoid that during lunch.
If you can’t help it for whatever reason (maybe you want to shop online or e-mail a friend), get up from your desk so your body perceives this as a true break, Levit adds.

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