EMV “Chip Cards” Update

Updated Wednesday, July 26

You may have heard about the new EMV “chips cards.” They have a microchip embedded in them that helps reduce fraud. These cards have been common in Europe and Canada for some time and are now becoming more prevalent in the U.S. Many financial institutions will begin issuing them in October. While many merchant machines have EMV capability, at this time, many of them have not yet activated this capability. Because of this, our EMV chip cards – both credit and debit (when available) – will still have the magnetic strip on the back so they can still be used by swiping and signing at the register.


ONCU Credit Cards
Our EMV credit cards are now available for order. They will be sent out in the mail when your credit card expires and you’re issued a new one. If you want one right away, you can visit any branch or call us and we’ll send you one.

ONCU Debit Cards
Our EMV debit cards will be available soon. They will be sent out in early 2016. You will recieve a letter informing you when your new card is on it’s way.