Shred Day Recap with Photos

One Nevada Credit Union hosted a free community shred day event on Friday July 13 at the Ft. Apache and Flamingo branch. A few early raindrops didn’t stop anyone from coming out to shred a few months and years worth of documents.

We thank everyone who came out and for their patience while waiting for their turn in line. Another truck, actually two trucks, showed up later on and we got everyone in and out in almost no time.

Thanks to our branch neighbors, Northside Nathan’s, for providing pizza samples for those waiting in line and discount coupons for a return visit.

Stay tuned for the next shred day event to be announced in the coming months. We will definitely do it again, but when it is a tad bit cooler.

Thank you again, Las Vegas, for protecting your identity and coming out to our free shred day event!

 That’s a wrap!

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