Share Save Spend

Now that my son is getting a little older, I’m starting to think about how I’m going to teach him about money. In this day and age of 3-year olds with cell phones, I want to make sure that my kids are centered. I recently came across a site called and I think it might help.

Having a balanced and values-centered approach to money means aligning what you care about with how you use your money. While this sounds simple enough, it becomes seriously complicated by the compounding pressure on youth and adults to spend, spend, spend, and to reach for an upscale lifestyle.

Conventional financial advice is often transactional in nature and provides direction on important outcomes such as retirement savings, investment allocations, etc. But this approach doesn’t complete the picture. At Share Save Spend, they take a different, yet complementary approach. They have found that people want to have different kinds of financial conversations, particularly ones that address multi-generational money dynamics between youth and adults.

Their tools are designed to help youth and adults understand the how and why of their money decisions. Whether it is through the exercises in the Financial Sanity™ Kit, the 101 Discussion-Starter Fun Cards™ or the S³ Bank Kit™, their goal is to help people develop healthy money habits.

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