National Bosses’ Day Is Coming Up, Prepare Now

October 16 marks National Bosses’ Day. For some, this day is a great way to show your boss how much he or she is appreciated. For others, well … we hope you make the best of this day.

Bosses’ Day started back in 1958 when a State Farm Insurance designated a day to show appreciation for her boss and other bosses around the country. Her goal was to improve the working relationships between bosses and employees. Today, some mark the day with cards, lunches, flowers or other gifts. Of course this quickly became another “Hallmark Holiday” as the greeting card retailer started to sell specially themed cards.

Here are some ways to commemorate the day:
-Gather up with those who report to the boss and take up a general collection to purchase a card, gift r department lunch.
-Decorate his or her office with some balloons, streamers or other fun decor that represents the boss’s personality.
-Ask each employee to write down at least one thing they appreciate or admire in the boss, or a special memory or fun time you all shared in the office. Nothing gets people talking more than “Hey, remember that time we …” Then, read the cards aloud during lunch or another set time during the day.
-Don’t forget the card!

Tell us- what do you have planned for National Bosses Day?

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