Money-Saving Monday: Practical Advice for Your Daily Life

Every Monday we will post a new, money-saving tip that will help you in your everyday financial lives. If you have a tip you’d like to share, post it in the comments section and we may just add it to our weekly list! Check back every Monday for something new!

September 24, 2012: Cancel unread magazine subscriptions.

If you find yourself recycling old magazines more than you are reading them, maybe it is time to cancel the delivery service?  When renewal time comes up, say “no thank you.” Or call up the publication and ask to cancel it mid-subscription. Chances are, they will issue you a refund for the unused issues. Sure, it won’t be tons of cash, but with several magazines to cancel, it may just be enough for a few extra dollars in your piggy bank.

September 17, 2012: Fill ‘em up!

Keep your tires properly inflated. For every two PSI the tires are under the recommendation, you lose one percent on your gas mileage. Read your owners’ manual or check on inside of your car door (you can usually find the recommended PSI there) to find out what it should be at. Bonus tip: some garages and auto mechanics will check and fill your tires at no charge!

September 10, 2012: Shop around!
It pays to be patient and shop around (and sleep on major financial decisions!) for the best prices. When searching for products like insurance, mortgages, and things around the house be sure to get quotes and pricing from many sources. There are even phone apps that allow you to scan a bar code and see what that product costs at various retail locations nearby. Apps include Red Laser Car Code Scanner and Decide Shopping & Price Predictor. 

August 27, 2012: Online shopping smarts
When shopping online, be careful not to “refresh” or hit the “back” button. When doing so, you may end up making your purchase more times than you wish!

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