Labor Day Getaway: To Fly or To Drive?

Thinking about getting out of town for the last unofficial weekend of summer? If so, does it make more financial sense to fly away or to drive away? We did the math for you. 

Fly or Drive? Labor Day Weekend Trip for Two
What it costs to escape to LA from Las Vegas

Fly* – 3.5   hr
Travel Time: Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes each way.
Cost: $240-$260 round trip for 2 people (on multiple airlines).

Drive* – 4.5 hr
Travel Time: Approximately 4 hours and 22 minutes one way (without stopping). 
Cost: $117.18-$245.57 round trip based on the four different vehicle types listed below.

Average Price Per Gallon: $3.509

2010 Toyota Camry
Fuel: $86.74 Round Trip
Gallons Used: 24.72
Wear & Tear: $30.44

2011 Honda CRV
Fuel: $90.88
Gallons Used: 25.9
Wear & Tear: $33.49

2009 Ford Escape
Fuel: $100.49
Gallons Used: 28.64
Wear & Tear: $33.49

2007 Dodge Ram
Fuel $212.08
Gallons Used: 60.44
Wear & Tear: $33.49

Winner: Driving
We found that it’s actually more economical to drive as long as you’re traveling with at least one more person. Plus you’ll already have some wheels to explore the city. 

Ready to plan your trip? Test out the Fly or Drive Calculator we used, For more accurate fuel rates, we used
If you decide to fly, book early and check out and  Remember to visit for some great member discounts on car rentals. 

*Fuel and airline ticket costs are based on prices at time of publication. Actual prices may vary.

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