ID Check Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

ID Check is an online security feature for our members who use online banking to access their One Nevada accounts. Listed below are frequently asked questions that describe this security feature in more detail. Please contact us if you need further information.

What is ID Check?

ID Check provides added security to help prevent fraud when you access your Credit Union account(s) online. ID Check lets you set up a challenge question and only you will know the correct answer. When signing on to SilverLink Online Banking, you may be prompted to answer your ID Check challenge question to confirm your identity. This additional verification gives you greater protection against unauthorized individuals logging into your accounts.

How does ID Check work?

When you visit your branch office, we protect you by confirming your identity. ID Check does the same thing over the internet. When you set up ID Check, you will select a series of challenge questions and answers. Periodically as you login, you’ll be asked your challenge question to confirm your identity, thereby providing added security. Your answers must match exactly to the ones previously set up by you. To a valid user, these challenge questions should be easy to answer.

ID Check also checks the computer(s) or device(s) you are using to access your online accounts. Since you probably access your account information from one or two computers, such as your work and home computers, ID Check remembers these computers. If you login from a different computer, we will take additional security steps to verify your identity by asking you to provide the answer to one of your secret challenge questions.

Can I access my accounts from multiple computers?

There is no limit on how many different computers you can use to login to SilverLink Online Banking. If you login from a computer that ID Check does not recognize, you will be prompted to answer your preset challenge questions.

Can two people login from the same computer?

There is no limit on how many people can login to their SilverLink Online Banking accounts from the same computer. Your User ID and Password will distinguish you from other users accessing their account(s) online from the same computer.

What if I have a joint person on my account?

ID Check only allows one challenge question. Therefore, it is very important that both members know the answers to the challenge question.

Do I have to use ID Check?

Yes, ID Check is an added security feature to further protect all of our members when they access their account(s) online. We require ID Check for all SilverLink Online Banking users.

How do I change my ID Check Challenge Questions/Answers?

After you have logged into your SilverLink Online Banking account, click on the Online Services tab and then the Security Challenge Question link to change your challenge questions/answers.

What if I forget the answers to my ID Check Challenge Question?

ID Check will give you three opportunities to provide the correct answer to your challenge question. Once your account has exceeded three tries, for your protection, the system will block access to SilverLink Online Banking. To have your challenge question reset, please call our Member Service Contact Center or visit a branch in your neighborhood.