I got my money’s worth with the 2009 Entertainment Book!

If you’re looking for ways to eat out reasonably these days or even entertain your family at lower prices, I highly recommend the Entertainment Book. I couldn’t resist the $20 offer from a colleague a few months back. I skimmed through the book for restaurant coupons before committing to the purchase. My rule of thumb is that I don’t use coupons for something I wouldn’t ordinarily purchase, so I wanted to be sure and keep the same practice with eating out. Within the first month, we used two different “buy one meal get the 2nd free” offers, and the book already paid for itself.

Considering the economy, my husband and I have made a conscious effort to cut back a bit on dining out. However, I keep the Entertainment Book in my car for those days we’re out and about running errands, should we decide to grab a bite on the run. This weekend, my family of three had a fun-filled inexpensive day including snacks, dinner and entertainment, thanks to some really good offers in the Entertainment Book.

We first hit the mall with returns, which helped work up our appetite for the “free” Auntie Anne’s pretzel. The book actually has several coupons for this stand ranging from “one free” to several “buy one, get one free” offers. We couldn’t go wrong, especially since we found a table in front of the stage where the free fashion show was about to begin in two minutes. Lucky for me, Dillard’s was celebrating Barbie’s anniversary featuring their latest fun apparel with models sporting several different Barbie-styled looks. For my nine year-old, this was just as good as any full-priced show on the strip.

We had plans to see a movie as well, but we didn’t have time to make it home, cook and catch the 7 p.m. show. Back in the car, we searched the book for a place to eat at a discount. Sammy’s Wood Fire Grill had a good offer and happened to be close to the theatre, so we headed over for our “free meal with the purchase of a 2nd.” Dinner was better than expected and $9 cheaper than it would have been without our coupon.

After dinner, we headed to the theatres with our Regal Cinemas discount coupon in hand for tickets starting at $6.50 for adults (new releases are a buck more.) We were too full from dinner to use our “free popcorn” coupon or that would have been our 4th Entertainment coupon of the day!

I definitely got my money’s worth with this book, and it’s only March. There’s still plenty of time left to enjoy the discounts, and I just found out it’s 50% off at entertainment.com. You can type in your zip code to see a sample of coupon offers. Happy cutting!

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