Mobile Check Deposit

You can now deposit your paper checks into your checking, savings, or money market account with your smartphone or tablet. No more driving to the ATM or branch to deposit your checks. That saves you time, money, and gas!

Download or upgrade the One Nevada Credit Union App (available from the iTunes® App Store or Google Play® to get started!

Best of all, it’s completely FREE for all members.

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Qualifying members can use an iPhone®, iPad® or Android device for Mobile Check Deposit. You can only deposit 10 items per day; maximum limit is $15,000. Once your deposit is verified, availability will mirror your ATM deposit availability.

Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

  What type of equipment do I need to use the Mobile Check Deposit application?

Currently ONCU offers Mobile Check Deposit application for the iPhone®, iPad®, and Android device.

  Can I use a smartphone that belongs to someone else?

No, you must have your smartphone activated with the ONCU Mobile Banking/Deposit application. Using a smartphone other than your own may result in your deposit going into an account other than your own.

  How do I access Mobile Check Deposit?

If you already have the ONCU Mobile Banking App, there will be an update to your existing application. Simply download the update, read and accept the new Terms and Conditions and the deposit icon will appear on your Mobile Banking App.

If you do not already have the ONCU Mobile Banking App, download the application from the Apple App Store or Google Play, read and accept the new Terms and Conditions and the icon will appear on your Mobile Banking app.

  How do I process a deposit?

Simply log into your mobile banking application, select the deposit icon at the bottom of the screen. Enter the dollar amount of the eligible item, select the account the funds are to be deposited to, then take a picture of the front and the back of the eligible item using the camera function of your phone or device. Any issues with the image of the eligible item, the dollar amount of the check, or conflicting information from the user will cause the image to be rejected. A deposit will not complete if there are any error messages.
Click here for directions.

  Is there a fee for using the ONCU Mobile Check Deposit feature?


  How many checks can I deposit using Mobile Deposit in a day?

10 checks.

  Is there a per item limit?

Yes. You cannot deposit any items that exceed $15,000.

  How will I know if I’ve taken the picture correctly?

The new Mobile Check Deposit application will check the picture for quality. If the quality is poor, the application will ask you to retake the picture. Simply select the image displayed, this should launch the camera function and allow you to take a new picture of the item.

  What if I enter the wrong dollar amount?

The Mobile Check Deposit application will know that the amount entered does not match the item and will reject the deposit. You must re-enter the dollar amount by selecting that field and making the appropriate correction.

  Which accounts can I deposit to?

You can deposit any eligible item to your checking, savings, or money market accounts that are tied to your online/mobile banking accounts.

  Can I make a deposit to another member’s account?

No. You can only make deposits of eligible items to those accounts that you have access to through your normal online/mobile banking site.

  What is an “eligible item”?

An eligible item is an original paper check that is payable to you, and is within the meaning of a “check” as defined in Federal Reserve Regulation CC and One Nevada’s deposit guidelines. Please see terms and conditions for a full list of ineligible items.

  If I make a deposit this morning when will I receive credit?

The service can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except when unavailable for maintenance or system outages. All items will be processed and credited to your account based on account limits. You can view your limits in online or mobile banking.

  Will I have immediate access to those funds?

Access to your funds will be based on your account limits. You can view your limits in online or mobile banking.

  What is a business day?

Monday thru Friday, except Federal Holidays. Saturday and Sunday are not business days.

  Do I have to endorse the back of the check?

Yes, ONCU requires that you put the following information on the back of the item submitted for deposit: “For Deposit Only, One Nevada Credit Union, account #__________”

  What do I do if the deposit will not process?

There may be instances when the application will not recognize your item for deposit. If that occurs and you are unable to complete a deposit using the Mobile Check Deposit Application please take the item to your nearest ATM or transaction center for deposit.

  What do I do with the item once it has been deposited through my mobile device?

When you receive confirmation that ONCU has received your item image, please clearly mark the item "Electronically Presented" or “VOID”, or properly dispose of (for example, shred) the item to ensure it is not represented for payment.