How to get started on stretching your dollar

Here are some ideas I have done and that I found on the web to help maximize your dollars.

Did you know if separated, bananas take longer to ripen? Bananas emit an ethylene gas that makes the others in the bunch ripen faster.

To make lettuce last longer, just rinse it off and place in a zip lock bag wrapped in some damp paper towels. It should keep a few days longer and be ready to use. That works better than buying the expensive pre-washed ready to use lettuce.

Have you contacted your local cable company? I just did, and I am saving about $75.00 a month just from asking them every question I could. I didn’t realize I was paying for services that I didn’t even use. It is worth the time to check it out.

Did you know that some hair salons add water to the shampoo that they use on your hair? Next time try saving your old bottle of shampoo and pour half into the old and add water. See if you can tell the difference?

Most laundry detergents work the same as well if you only use half the amount. Especially if you have a HE (high efficiency) appliances.

Good luck and happy saving to you!


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