House Hunting? We Have Some Tips to Help You Make the Best Choice

Considering that your home may be the single largest investment of your life, follow these tips for making a good choice:

  1. Stay within your budget.
    • Keep in mind how the home purchase will affect your existing financial situation and other goals, such as saving for retirement or funding a child’s college education.
    • You’ll also need to consider the cost of living in the new home, such as utility bills, heating expenses and repair and maintenance costs. And don’t forget to reserve enough cash to cover the closing costs, insurance premiums, property taxes and moving expenses.
  2. Consider the asking price.
    • To make sure you’re not paying too much, objectively ask yourself how much the house is worth. Will you end up paying extra for features that aren’t important to you – such as extra bedrooms, a pool or sauna?
    • Check the selling price of comparable homes in the neighborhood for recent trends.
    • Have the home professionally inspected before you sign on the dotted line. A good inspection will reveal major problems, such as corroded plumbing, antiquated or unsafe electrical systems or structural or foundation problems. An inspector may also discover less serious problems, like minor electrical defects or inferior ventilation. If the house is safe and sound, the cost of an inspection will buy you peace of mind.
  3. Get to know the neighborhood.
    • If you have children, check out the schools they’ll attend.
    • Drive or walk to the nearest grocery store and shopping mall, and consider your daily commute. Make sure you don’t mind these trips, because you’ll be making them regularly for years to come.
  4. Look at the surrounding areas.
    • To avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, envision possible changes in the neighborhood. You may want to check with the local planning department to see what developments might be permitted down the road and how assessments could possibly affect you.
  5. Don’t let your heart rule your decision.
    • A new home is a significant investment, and looking at the pros and cons objectively may help you make the wisest choice.
  6. Rolling out the Welcome Mat
    • When you find the perfect home, we can help you choose a mortgage that fits your needs. Our mortgage lending team is staffed by experienced professionals who would be pleased to explain all your borrowing options.

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