Here are some ways to save when going to the movies!

Don’t resign yourself to TV reruns and microwave popcorn just yet. Here are some ways to make a trip to the movies a lot more affordable:

Seek out freebies – Many theaters offer free showings of family movies, call your local theater to see what they offer.

Clip coupons – Your local Entertainment Book typically offers reduced-price movie tickets of $6.50 at AMC to $7 apiece at Regal Theaters.

Head to the drive-in- If there’s a drive-in in your town, get behind the wheel. Even though these theaters are considered old-fashioned, they show mostly new releases — and at the bargain price of about $7 a person for a double feature.

Some drive-ins don’t even charge for kids, while others offer bargain per-car pricing. Concession fare is often cheaper. In the Las Vegas area check out West Wind Las Vegas 5 Drive-In. Charge is per person and kids are Free!

Check out independent theaters – Wait a month or so for new movies to show up at a local independently owned theater, and you can save more than 70. If available.

Buy in bulk – At some theatres, avid moviegoers can buy tickets in increments of 50 for $6 to $7.50 each. The tickets don’t expire. Check out Regal Theaters for more information.

Avoid reservation sites – Buy online and you’ll pay more for your ticket. has a $1 surcharge; tacks on 75 cents to $1.50, depending on the area.

Trade up on snacks – If you’re going to buy popcorn or soda, go big. Per ounce, the smallest size of popcorn is twice the price of filet mignon. Trade up for the larger size and you pay less per ounce — plus, many theaters offer free refills. Watch the calories!

Go at off times – Friday and Saturday nights are the most expensive times to go to the movies.

Have fun at the movies!


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