Even My Trash is Green

I recently discovered a better way to throw out my trash. Thanks to some innovative green technology, Perf Go Green products are the first biodegradable disposable plastics to gain mass distribution across America. The natural eco-process starts by using post consumer recycled plastics which reduces plastic waste in the environment. Go Green technology speeds up the biodegradation and the plastics totally degrade in 2 years returning to nature as water, carbon dioxide, and bio-mass.

Even the box is made of 100% recycled paperboard. These bags have all the common conveniences of garden variety trash bags – handles, non-leaking, etc. – but are made from recycled plastic. This product boasts a unique dispenser system, which sticks to the inside bottom of the trash can and pulls out like a tissue would so there’s always another bag handy. Pretty cool, and good for the environment. You can order them on amazon.com.

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