Donate or Dispose Then Organize

It’s 2010 and many of us have made the resolution to get organized! Well one task needs to be done before organization can happen and that is to donate or dispose. I can share first hand how great it feels to donate and/or dispose before storing things I truly believed someday I will use or need again. After removing items from your personal space that you know you do not need, organize your things into spaces or containers that are grouped and easily accessible. Date the organizer so that you have a visible note of the last time you utilized the “organized items“. Just writing about organizing stuff needs organization. So before you spend your hard earned income purchasing organizers, shed the stuff and you will be helping others who can use your unwanted items and you will not need to store as much. Do not give up on these efforts as you will feel such emotional satisfaction when you are on your way to being organized. Start by loading one donation box and then one more until you are on your way to clutter freedom. Once you get started you will wonder what took you so long to begin.

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