Credit Union Members Save Big with “Invest in America” Program

Rack up some savings with the “Invest in America” credit union member rewards program from

Get exclusive discounts at retailers such as Dell, Sprint, GMC, Turbo Tax and more! Each participating retailer features their own link direct to the discounts offered.

The Shop America program  rewards you for your everyday purchases. And best of all? It’s free. Just subscribe and you have instant access to cash back rewards from 1,000 online retailers.

How Does Shop America work?
1.Sign up with Shop America
It is free and takes just a few seconds. All we need is your name, address and email address.

2.You decide what you want to buy as you would normally
Buy the latest LCD television? Book a flight? Purchase an iTouch? Sign up for a new credit card? – Whatever it is that you are shopping for, you can find it on the Shop America web site and earn the amount of Cash back displayed by clicking on the link which interests you the most.

3.Your account is automatically credited
We track your transaction to ensure your discount automatically appears in your account as soon as the online store reports the transaction back to us. Most discounts are credited within 48 hours. However, it is possible for this process to take up to 30 days.

4.You get paid by check
You will receive a check from Shop America after your account balance has accumulated $10.

These are just some of the benefits you have when being a credit union member. What do you love most about your credit union?

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