Could you afford to eat a little less?

Groceries account for 15% of the average household budget. If you can shop the sales, you can cut just a little bit from that monthly bill. I found this website,, which lists the sales going on at local supermarkets. It even tells you which specials are good deals and which are average.

For example, this week I found a gallon of milk at Smith’s for only $2.00. That’s where I normally shop, so I’m still not chasing sales all over town (who has time these days?) This site let’s me find good deals on the stuff I buy, where I buy it. Last week, I bought a turkey for $6.00. I wasn’t planning to cook Thanksgiving, but I bought it on sale to put in the freezer for next weekend (I take the easy road and cook mine in a bag, so it’s an easy weekend dinner for my family.)

Here are some other ideas from to save some money on groceries during these tight times.

1. Shop alone. If you bring your spouse or children, your bill will be higher.
2. Do not shop when you are hungry.
3. Buy store brands when the quality is the same.
4. Be realistic. Don’t buy things because you know you should eat them. If you don’t like broccoli, don’t buy it hoping you’ll eat better this week.

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