Calendar Your Right To Vote!

We are in the throws of very busy days as the end of the year comes about. Social events, office gatherings, family traditions are just a few of the events that already fill our calendars. I would ask that you calendar one more event and that is the right and responsibility to cast your vote.

I have heard over the years “I just got busy and did not have enough time”. Well plan ahead and ensure your voice is heard. You are affected by those who will be elected, so have a vote in your future. Women and men of all walks of life have contributed to our Country as we know it today…..remember the draft was active in our history.

The sample ballot is a great tool to review so that when you are at your voting place of choice, your time will be used wisely and the voting activity quick. Early voting is already available to us. Vote this week or next Tuesday but vote and be heard!

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