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Recommended Read: A Random Walk Down Wall Street

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 30 Jan 2019
Recommended Read: A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Some investments take months, or even years, to pay off. And some can pay for themselves almost instantly. 

Burton G. Malkiel's classic investing book, A Random Walk Down Wall Streetis an investment that will pay for itself as soon as you read it and apply its theories in your own life. 

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

A Random Walk Down Wall Street has long been touted as the ultimate guide for every investor and the single purchase to make before building a portfolio. More than 1.5 million copies of this must-read investment book have been sold to date. In today's volatile market, the ageless lessons between the flaps of this book are more applicable than ever. 

Malkiel's book is built on the premise that the stock market works efficiently, and investors should capitalize on this efficiency instead of killing their time and wasting their money trying to exploit the inefficiencies in the market. It's packed with insight on classic investments like stocks, bonds, real estate investment, trusts, home ownership, tangible assets and more. A favorite section of A Random Walk Down Wall Street is its life-cycle guide to investing, which is a clear roadmap through life's investment stages. The book is written in a factual, authoritative tone that empowers the reader to invest with confidence. 

Malkiel's updated version, released in time for 2019, features his perennial advice on traditional investing topics along with measured guidance for navigating a slew of modern financial concerns. 

The revised edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street includes Malkiel's take on these timely topics: 

  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Understanding and navigating the bitcoin bubble
  • Automated investment advisors
  • Factor investing and risk parity

A Random Walk Down Wall Street is a brilliant blend of the theoretical and the practical. The updated version promises to be as big a hit as the original edition. Pick up your copy today and learn how to walk down Wall Street with confidence. 

Your Turn: Have you read A Random Walk Down Wall Street? Share your thoughts on this classic investing book in the comments.

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