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Picture this: you apply for your “dream” job after being unemployed for three months. You get called back for an interview that you think went great. Then after waiting anxiously by the phone for what seems like an eternity, you get a letter, not a phone call, but a letter in the mail that states, […]

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Mortgage Rate Watch

It was all over the news recently when mortgage rates dropped to 4.5%. It certainly made my ears perk up. I wished I had locked my refinance at that rate. It turns out that several members were lucky enough to have signed up for the rate watch service and were notified in time to take […]

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Could you afford to eat a little less?

Groceries account for 15% of the average household budget. If you can shop the sales, you can cut just a little bit from that monthly bill. I found this website, http://www.groceryguide.com/, which lists the sales going on at local supermarkets. It even tells you which specials are good deals and which are average. For example, […]

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I saved real money by switching

After more news on how bad the economy is, I decided that I really should be looking into ways to save a little. I had heard many members tell me how much they had saved by using the NFCU Insurance Group, but I just hadn’t gotten around to asking for a quote. I knew it […]

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Drive safely on the I-15

Msn.com recently posted the ten most dangerous highways, and I-15 showed up. With Thanksgiving trips about to begin, here’s an excerpt to remind you to drive safely. “Most of you hop a plane if you’re heading to the casinos of Las Vegas, but Californians and Nevadans hop into their cars. Nine million step on the […]

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Little Change, Big Impact

I’m always looking out for little changes I can make to my daily life to help the environment. I was really surprised to learn that switching to estatements had such a big impact. If all NFCU members switched to estatements, we’d save 37,000 gallons of water and 500 gallons of gas, not to mention 90 […]

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