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New Look. Same Credit Union You've Always Known.

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 06 Mar 2019
New Look. Same Credit Union You've Always Known.

You may have noticed, we've modernized our look a bit and we'll be rolling out a slightly revised logo and a new, more vibrant look over the next several weeks.

As a One Nevada member, your security continues to be a priority for us, and we don't want you to be alarmed when you see things looking a bit different. Rest assured, we're still the same credit union you've come to know and trust. Nothing has changed other than our "new look", and you'll continue to access your accounts exactly as you do today.

Why the change? Well, it was in part based on feedback from you, our members. We heard that we were looking a bit "dated" so we took some time over the past few months to refresh our look.

You'll notice the new look on our website, online and mobile banking as well as future marketing materials and communication you receive from us starting March 12.

In case you haven't visited any of the sites yet, below are some screenshots of the website and mobile app login page. As always, thanks for your continued membership. If you have any questions, just shoot us an email or give us a call at 800.388.3000.

Updated App Welcome Page
Updated App Welcome Page
App Page
Updated Homepage



Why the new logo?
Sometimes organizations decide they need to refresh their brand and will change or update their logo. In our case, it was just that. We wanted to modernize and refresh our look.

Will this affect my account in any way?
No it will not. Everything with your account is exactly the same.

Will my account and/or routing number change?
Nope. your account number and our routing number are still the same.

Was One Nevada bought out or merged with another credit union?
No the credit union was not bought out, and we did not merge with another credit union. We're still One Nevada, stronger than ever and the same credit union you've come to know and trust.

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