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Member Focus: Randy Kennedy

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 14 Mar 2019
Member Focus: Randy Kennedy

Occupation: Director of Marketing Communications
Nugget Casino Resort
Reno, Nevada

Randy kennedy

To say that Randy Kennedy is a busy guy is an understatement. As the Director of Marketing Communications at the Nugget Casino Resort in Reno, he's responsible for a large budget that includes advertising online, television, radio, outdoor, and print publications. He's also the guy who writes and oversees the creation of those ads, along with the casino's public relations and collateral. 

Randy's life doesn't slow down at home. For years, Randy has proudly worn the title of single-dad and sole breadwinner for his four kids. During that time, he's been a happy One Nevada member using his membership to track every penny of his family budget, introduce his kids to the world of money, and continually stay on top of his finances.

"I've even used One Nevada to refinance a car and get access to the money I needed to build my house," Randy added to a long list of ways he's used the credit union since joining in the mid 90s. "But mostly I've used the Mobile Banking app. It's fantastic. I use it several times per day to check on deposits, transfers, and stuff I've bought. It's flawless."

While Randy does enjoy the money he saves with One Nevada checking, savings, and credit cards, it really is the time he saves by utilizing online and mobile banking that makes him happy.

As Randy tells the story, it was his kids who first introduced him to the app.

"My kids told me to download the One Nevada app. I was skeptical at first. Now I cannot live without it. Some of my kids use the app now too," he said with a smile. "It makes it easy to transfer money to them when they need it for shopping or something else. In fact, the One 2Pay feature is super convenient. All I need to do is text them to transfer money."

Randy also utilizes his credit union membership to carefully watch his family's spending and budget. With a mixture of Online and Mobile Banking, his own personal paper ledgers, as well as low- to no-fee financial products and services, Randy is able to make ends meet, encourage his kids to go off to college, and even take them on adventures now and then.

Randy has some advice for other One Nevada members looking to spend a bit wiser.

  1. Write down everything you buy. Sure, Online and Mobile Banking have it all, but there is something very immediate about keeping a personal ledger.
  2. Check your balances every day. Randy suggests using the Mobile Banking app thanks to its simplicity.
  3. Show your kids how to budget. This will help them find financial success in their own lives as well as pass that positive thinking and insight to the next generation.
  4. Come to the credit union first. If you need a loan or want to add money to your month, One Nevada may be able to help.

At One Nevada, we're proud to work with people like Randy who are raising families, sticking to budgets, and finding new ways to get more from every paycheck.

"One Nevada really is a great place for me and my kids. I'll probably be a member forever."

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