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Important Notice Regarding Your One Nevada VISA® Credit Card!

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 21 Oct 2022
Important Notice Regarding Your One Nevada VISA® Credit Card!
Important Notice To One Nevada VISA® Credit Card Holders!

VISA® Card Holder Members with No Authorized Users on the Account

Your new contactless card is on the way. The new card will help protect you against unauthorized usage and make transactions more convenient with a "tap-to-pay" option. You will receive a new contactless Visa Platinum/Signature card in mid-October. Your new card will have the same card number; however, it will have a new expiration date and CVV number. Once you have received your new card, please activate it immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I activate my card(s) in Digital Banking?
A: Log in to Digital Banking through and click the "More Details" option to the right of the Credit Card section. A new screen will appear with a red option to activate your card in the top left corner.

Please view the above video for a quick walkthrough to help you activate your card.
Q: How do I use this new Contactless feature?
A:Simply tap your contactless chip card against any contactless-enabled payment terminal at most gas stations, convenience stores, or other merchants.
Q: Will this change affect my credit card rate, minimum payment, or payment due date?
A:No, all those account terms will remain as is.
Q: If I have recurring payments using my credit card, such as video streaming services, insurance payments, cable tv, utilities, etc., will I need to update my information with the merchants/utilities?
A: Yes, once you activate your new card, you will need to update those merchants with your new expiration date and CVV number from your card.
Q: Will this change affect my One Nevada Debit Card?
A: No, this change does not impact your debit card(s).
Q: Will this change affect my CU Rewards points?
A: No, your points will remain as is. 

You'll receive additional communications via email, mail, and inside of One Nevada Digital Banking about your new card. We are excited about the changes to our credit card program and hope you will be too.

If you have additional questions, please get in touch with us at 800-388-3000.

Thank you for your membership!

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