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Finding Money in Online Services and Subscriptions

By: Financial Education / 01 May 2020
Finding Money in Online Services and Subscriptions

The pandemic is making it tough to pay bills yet alone save money. We have some ideas that could help you boost your budget and put a little extra cash in your wallet.

Cash-In and Make a Sale

Some unexpected sources of revenue during the pandemic might include cashing in your unused gift cards to buy dinner for the family or having an online garage sale. Many of us have been cleaning out closets and garages, and your junk could be someone else's treasure. Sites like Facebook, Poshmark, eBay, and even the Nextdoor app have options to make it easy to sell and trade online.

Subscriptions and Online Services
Sure, for just a small, monthly fee you can access unlimited music and movies, television shows, books, magazines, comic books, video games, as well as packages of specialty coffees, food, alcohol, clothing, and more. But those small fees add up fast. Just three or four $4.99 a month subscriptions can provide a few family dinners.

To get your subscriptions in line with your budget, do a full review. Not sure what services you're paying for? Use your debit or credit card statements to find forgotten subscriptions. Oh, and be sure to check those app-based subscriptions on your phones too. Once you've found some to eliminate, go online and turn them off today. Don't wait. If you miss your window to unsubscribe, you'll end up paying for another month.

Try Ca$h Perks Shopping Rewards Program
Not every store is open, but some of those in the One Nevada Ca$h Perks program are, including restaurants. Check out Ca$h Perks on our Mobile App for offers at the places you shop most. To get cash back, activate the offer and use your One Nevada debit or credit card to pay for it.

Consider How Much You're Saving
The pandemic is helping Americans save money on things like lattes, happy hour appetizers, eating out, trips out of town, shopping, and gas. Add up how much you're saving by staying at home. Then, add that to your bill-paying and grocery-buying assets.

Do an Auto Insurance Checkup
If you're not commuting every day to work, you could be saving money on your current auto coverage. Contact One Nevada Insurance Services for a no-cost quote from some of the nation's leading insurance carriers.

Call Your Wireless Services Provider
Whether you sport an iPhone, Android, or flip phone, it's possible to save money on your wireless services – especially during the pandemic. Call your provider and ask about discounts and alternative plans that can save you money every month. With Love My Credit Union Rewards, available with your One Nevada membership, Sprint is offering a $100 cash reward per line when you make the switch. It could be worth checking out.

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