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Employee Focus: Wayne Butterbredt

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 03 Aug 2018
Employee Focus: Wayne Butterbredt

Name: Wayne Butterbredt
Occupation: Sr. Financial Services AssociateWayne Butterbredt
28 years with One Nevada Credit Union

What positions have you had at the credit union?
I started as a teller and was one of the last employees of the Temporary Employee Program. I have been a Financial Services Representative II, a Financial Services Associate and also the Manager of our Rainbow Transaction Center.

What's the best part about working for the credit union?
I have worked with and met many great employees over the years. It is like having an extended family. TEAMWORK!

What is the most significant change that you experienced over the years?
When I first started, loan apps were typed with a typewriter, signature cards were filled out by hand and we didn't have direct deposit or debit cards and we had to balance our own ATMs. So I would say automation has come a long way!

What do you think sets ONCU apart from other financial institutions?
I believe our quality member service; it keeps members staying at ONCU. We also get to know and interact with Sr. Management which is important.

What keeps you so loyal to the credit union?
The credit union has always treated its employees fair, giving them the opportunity to grow with the company. We have functions that let employees interact and keep in touch with each other like family.

Do you have any memories from your first few days on the job?
When I started, we didn't have a lot of automated services, one that was not a big deal was direct deposit. When it was city employee payday, the line would fill the lobby and go out the front door and down the sidewalk. Smoking was allowed at the branches in those days. I was glad when we got to say goodbye to that.

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