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Employee Focus: Liz Lowder Ence

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 02 Aug 2019
Employee Focus: Liz Lowder Ence

Occupation: Assistant Vice President, Southern District

Please tell us about you position and the culture you've enjoyed for almost 35 years.
I remotely manage four branches and one department. Our culture is very unique. It's allowed me to develop friendships over the years while we raised families together and helped each other through trials. Our culture creates great success across our organization as we help each other assist members with our common goal of excellent service.

What are some of the challenges you hear from members or potential members about short or long-term savings?
Many people are just trying to get through everyday life. They have families and daily expenses or challenges that get in the way of being able to save money for the future. One challenge I see often and can appreciate, is parents that have a hard time saying no to their kids and who spend beyond their means to avoid upsetting them.

What are some ways the credit union can help to make saving a little less challenging?
One of the key ways to have enough money left over for savings is to take advantage of free Rewards opportunities and find ways to reduce monthly payments. A few of my favorite ways to save small without even trying hard are our Ca$h Perks and One Checking Rewards programs. Members can get cash back on their everyday purchases with both of these programs. Also, we've helped many members save hundreds each month by refinancing their high rate auto loans.

Insurance is something we all have to pay, and I personally used One Nevada Insurance Services to explore the best premium available. I reduced my monthly payment by $225 by letting our team shop a new insurance provider for me.

What has been the biggest change in banking over the years?
It's been great over the years to develop my technical skills and apply them to help members embrace our fabulous digital banking environment. Transitioning to a more automated branch was a big change during my career. I was on the teller line, front and center to help facilitate this change.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies you'd like us to know about?
I really enjoy being outdoors. I love camping and ATV riding. I've also been scuba diving and often fish during the summer months. My favorite new hobby is my granddaughter. There is no better hobby than being a grandma!

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