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Employee Focus: Corie Condon

By: One Nevada Credit Union / 20 Dec 2018
Employee Focus: Corie Condon

Name: Corie Condon
Occupation: Branch Manager, Summerlin
33 years with One Nevada Credit Union

What is your favorite thing about working here?
Great opportunities and the wonderful people I've met. One Nevada has always been a very family-oriented place and really takes good care of the employees.

Employee Focus: Corie Condon

What significant changes have you seen?
I remember when we got our first computers and ATM machines. Today ATM machines count your cash, and you can send money to someone through a smart phone. We've come a long way since the never ending teller lines on military payday. The most significant thing was when we implemented the online loan application and document processing. We no longer had to hand type (yes, I said hand type) every loan document.

What's rewarding about helping members?
I'm a people person. I enjoy helping to meet their needs and building relationships with them. I'm now opening accounts for children of members from 25 years ago. It makes me happy when I hear a member say they are glad they switched to One Nevada Credit Union and they no longer feel like just a number. We hear that a lot at the Summerlin branch, and that makes me feel very proud of where I work.

What has kept you devoted for 33 years?
I love what I do and I've been given opportunities for growth and advancement. Our leaders are very supportive and have the utmost consideration for staff and members. I've also built some great friendships with coworkers.

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