Blog and Tell Contest Winner

We’ve all participated in a Show and Tell activity at least once in our life. During the month of October, we gave our members a chance to Blog and Tell in a brief article that highlights an activity, tidbit or area of interest that would be informative, fun and/or helpful for our members/fans to learn and read about.

The winning entry/guest blog was chosen and the winner received a $100 Visa® Gift Card! Here is the winning Blog and Tell entry:

Hope Springs Eternal

I was laid off from my job last December. Seeing the downturn in the economy since September, 2008, we started preparing for the worst by saving every penny. However, nothing can really prepare for the change in life that occurs when you lose your job.

I immediately filed for unemployment and went through all of the frustrations of dealing with the government. Next, my wife and I sat down with our monthly budget to see what we could cut. We also negotiated with our landlord to cut our rent in half (life saver). We also contacted every company to whom we owed money and they were most supportive.

Coupons became extremely important. My wife carefully checked the prices on everything. If we wanted something, we did not get it. If we needed something, we discussed it and made the purchase. We got our monthly expenses down to where her social security and my unemployment would cover the costs. We have no extra frills or expenses. We eat cheaper kinds of foods and buy groceries in bulk.

We are and continue to survive. We are going on 10 months of not working. However, every day is a challenge to send in applications and submit resumes for consideration. I continually network all over the country. I have a list of friends that are former colleagues, high school and college friends, neighbors and friends. Everyone knows our situation and offers support.

It is tough but we are tough and will make it through this challenging time in our lives.

Written by Blog and Tell Contest Winner, Tom Dorman

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