Unable to Login to Online Banking


If you can view the other areas of our website, but are unable to access SilverLink Online, it may indicate a problem accessing all secured websites.

If you are using one of the browsers we recommend and are still experiencing a problem, the problem may lie with your Internet Service Provider. This is particularly common with employer-based access to the internet. Your employer may have firewalls, proxy servers or other equipment that may prevent access to secured sites.

Contact your company’s IT Department regarding the problem or try to access Online Banking from another location.

When reporting problems to us, please have as much information ready as possible (e.g. when the problem occurred, browser version, etc.).


I’ve forgotten my User ID, how can I access SilverLink Online?
Use your account number as your User ID. You may personalize your User ID within SilverLink Online by clicking on the ‘Online Services’ tab and then ‘User ID.’

I’ve forgotten my password, how can I access SilverLink Online?
You may use our password reset tool, or contact us for assistance.

We do not have access to your password. In the case of a forgotten password, please use our password reset tool or contact us to reset your password.


The following errors may occur when accessing Online Banking:

  • Account verification error. Your password is incorrect. Verify the password and re-enter it. Check to make sure the Caps Lock is not on. Passwords are case-sensitive; the Caps Lock may alter the way your password is being entered.
  • The account has been locked. You have had too many invalid login attempts. As a security measure, SilverLink Online will allow three invalid password attempts and will lock out the account on the fourth try. To reset your password, please use our password reset tool or contact us for assistance.
  • We’re sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. SilverLink Online is temporarily down for system maintenance. Try again periodically. If the message is displayed repeatedly, contact us.


Error Messages – To show us the exact error message that you are receiving, display the error message on your screen then press Print Screen on your computer’s keyboard. This will transfer the image to your clipboard which can then be pasted into a Word document or other application.

When experiencing an error message, try the following steps before contacting your financial institution:

  1. Clear the cache, reload, or refresh.

  2. Close the browser.

  3. Retry.

After trying this and you still continue to receive the error message, contact us.

When reporting problems to us, please have as much information ready as possible (e.g. when the problem occurred, browser version, etc.).

Unsuccessful Transfer(s) – If a transfer is unsuccessful you will be given a reference number. You may email us and a ONCU Representative will assist you in finding out why your transfer was not successful.

I’ve opened Quicken and tried to connect to you to download my files; it does not work. How can I do this?

  1. To export your transactions, click on the Online Services tab, then click on Export “Account Information.”

  2. Choose the account and the dates you would like to export history for.

  3. Select Quicken as your Export format, and click the Download Data button. Do this for each account you wish to export.

  4. Open Quicken. The exported history items will be automatically uploaded.

It takes so long to download data, my session times-out and I have to start all over. How do I fix this?
We suggest that you increase the time limit on your connection with us. To increase the time limit click on “Online Services” in SilverLink Online and then select “Timeout.”