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Account Alerts

Account Alerts allow you to set up and receive notifications about important events on your account through text or email.

Here are a few quick facts about Account Alerts:

Account Alerts
  • Debit card transaction alerts are real-time and are delivered within 15 minutes of a transaction. All other alerts are not real-time. They are processed on a daily basis and notifications are sent out around 9:00 a.m. the next business day. Loan payment alerts are sent hourly. Read more about Account Alerts in the SilverLink Online Banking disclosure.
  • Alert notices can be sent only to email addresses or mobile phones.
  • The content of Alerts email contain no personal or account information. (See example of email at the bottom of this page).
  • Alerts can be modified and turned on or off at any time within online banking.

Account Alerts FAQ

How to Sign Up

  1. In Online Banking, go to Online Services > Change Online Settings > Account Alerts

  2. Set up email addresses and/or phone numbers by going to Manage Account Devices

  3. Add an alert by going to Manage Alerts > Add New Alert

Add New Alerts

Add an alert by going to Manage Alerts > Add New Alert

Available alerts:

  1. Low Balance

  2. Loan Payment Past Due

  3. Credit Card Balance

  4. Loan Payment Posted

  5. Debit Card Transaction

Manage Alerts

Manage your Alerts by going to Account Alerts > Manage Alerts

You may add and delete alerts on this page. Click on an Alert nickname to update the name, recipient, and other alert details.

Manage Account Devices

Manage your Account Devices by going to Account Alerts > Manage Account Devices.

Account Devices are the email addresses and phone numbers you have set up to receive Alerts. You may add additional email addresses and/or phone numbers to use for Alerts on this page. The default Account Device is your “Current Email Address”. To modify the “Current Email Address”, you will need to update it through the “Email Address” link on the Online Services page.

Example Alert E-mail You Will Receive

Example Alert Email

Example Text Alert You Will Receive

Example Text Alert

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