Email Alerts

Email Alerts allow you to setup and receive notifications about important events on your account.

Here are a few quick facts about Email Alerts:

  • Debit card transaction alerts are real-time and are delivered within 15 minutes of a transaction. All other alerts are not real-time. They are processed on a daily basis and notifications are sent out around 9:00 a.m. the next business day. Loan payment alerts are sent hourly. Read more about Email Alerts in the SilverLink Online Banking disclosure.
  • Alert notices can be sent only to email addresses. Many smartphones are email capable.
  • The content of an Alerts email contains no personal or account information. (See example of email at the bottom of this page).
  • Alerts can be modified and turned on or off at any time within online banking.
  • A notification of an Alert will only be sent out once per occurrence. For example, you have an Alert setup to notify you when your balance goes below $1,000.00, and your balance stays below that amount for five days, you will only get notified on the first day. Debit card transaction alerts are sent after a transaction exceeds a certain amount you set up.

How to Sign Up

  1. When logged in to online banking, click on “Online Services,” and then click the “Email Alerts” link.

  2. Select “A debit card transaction exceeds a certain amount.” from the drop down menu.

  3. Type the amount that you would like the alert to be set to.

  4. Click “Save Alert.”

To Add New Alerts

Choose and “Add New Alert” to setup and click on “Next.”

These alerts are currently available:

  1. My balance has fallen below a certain amount.

  2. My loan payment is past due.

  3. My credit card balance exceeds a certain amount.

  4. A payment has posted to my loan.

  5. A debit card transaction exceeds a certain amount.

Alert Setup Screen:

Setup Delivery Options

To Manage Alerts

This page allows you to make Alerts active (default), inactive or delete them.

To change an Alert, click on its nickname. This will take you to the Alert Setup screen.

To change the email address of a recipient, click on the name in the Recipient column. This will take you to the Delivery Option Setup screen.

To change the status of an Alert or delete it, choose the appropriate boxes and click on “Update.”

To Manage Delivery Options

This screen lists all of the delivery options currently setup. The “Current Email Address” is the email address we have on file for your account. To modify the “Current E-mail Address,” you will need to use the “Change E-mail Address” page under “User Options.”

Click on the nickname or address to update your email. This will take you to the Delivery Option Setup screen.

To delete, choose the appropriate boxes and click on “Update.”

To View Recent Alerts

Click on “View Alerts” on the main navigation to view “Recent Alerts.”

This page will list all recent Alert activity on the your account. Each alert sent to you will be listed here along with the time and date that it was sent. Ninety days history will be kept. You may also delete items in your Alert history by choosing the appropriate box and clicking on “Update.”

Example Alert E-mail You Will Receive

Example Alert Email