How to Avoid Common Fees

It seems like the cost of almost everything continues to increase and the same is true for your credit union. One Nevada is a financial cooperative where members borrow, save and use transactional services. As the credit union’s operating expenses continue to rise, we ask members who participate in certain services to help offset the related costs by paying a fee. However, we prefer you pay no fees at all.

Here are a few tips to help avoid the most common fees:

How to Avoid:  ATM Out of Network Fees – $3.00 each » Option 1

Always use One Nevada or Allpoint ATMs, instead of ATMs owned by other financial institutions. One Nevada now has nearly 60 ATMs and Allpoint has over 46,000 ATMs worldwide. With a little planning, you can use a One Nevada ATM and avoid the fees charged for using other institutions’ ATMs. Our new smartphone mobile app can even locate and give you directions to the nearest free ATM. You get up to 8 free ATM transactions at One Nevada ATMs per month and unlimited transactions at all Allpoint machines.

How to Avoid:  ATM Out of Network Fees – $3.00 each » Option 2

Another option is to get cash back from merchants when making purchases with your debit card. With very few exceptions, merchants do not charge for cash back. Many merchants even ask, “Do you want cash back?” during the transaction.

How to Avoid:  Account Inquiry Fees – $5 live person

Use our free online, telephone or mobile banking apps to check your account balances. Avoid calling the credit union for balance inquiries, as it could result in fees.

How to Avoid:  Overdraft and NSF Fees – $35 each* » Option 1

Use our free online, telephone or mobile banking apps to monitor your checking account balance carefully and regularly. Overdraft and NSF charges are expensive and almost always completely avoidable. Don’t forget to take into account checks you have written that have not yet cleared your account. Also keep track of debit and ATM transactions. Keeping an accurate and up to date check register, and frequently comparing that register to the credit union’s records, will help you avoid overdraft and NSF fees.

How to Avoid:  Overdraft and NSF Fees – $35 each* » Option 2

Never ever write a check, perform a debit transaction, or make any other type of withdrawal with the intention of later making a deposit to cover that transaction. Thanks to dramatic processing improvements, debits, checks, ATM transactions, and other withdrawals are now posted to accounts with lightning speed. Even making a deposit within minutes following a withdrawal may not avoid fees.

How to Avoid:  Overdraft and NSF Fees – $35 each* » Option 3

Due to certain holds, don’t rely on immediate credit with check deposits. Remember that when you deposit a check into your account, it may take a day or two (or more) for that check to clear and become available for withdrawal. Check holds vary depending on the type of check, your account relationship and the time of day the check was deposited.

How to Avoid:  Paper Statement Fee – $2 each

Sign up and use our free E-statements. They are secure and are available much faster than paper statements, and you’ll avoid the paper statement fee. Always carefully review your statement and compare it to your records, as any questionable or unauthorized transactions must promptly be reported to the credit union. You’ll be notified each month by e-mail when your E-statement is ready to view.

How to Avoid:  One Checking Fee – $5 each » Option 1

Use your debit card often, especially for “signature” debit transactions. With our One Checking account, the monthly maintenance fee is waived if you perform 15 signature (non-PIN) debit transactions per month. Even though you’re using your debit card, many merchants refer to this type of transaction as a “credit” transaction. So continue to use your One Nevada debit card, but ask the merchant to process the transaction as “credit”, and sign for the transaction instead of entering your PIN. The funds will still come out of your checking account. By the way, most online purchases using your debit card are also considered signature debit transactions.

How to Avoid:  One Checking Fee – $5 each » Option 2

You can also avoid the One Checking monthly maintenance fee by keeping a daily average balance of $2,000 or more in your checking account.

How to Avoid:  Negative Balance Fee – $2.50 per day

If your account goes negative for any reason, you have a grace period of seven business days before you get charged a daily negative balance fee. Deposit funds into your account before the eighth-business day to avoid this fee.