Autumn – Time to Prepare!

Our chilly mornings and warm afternoons, should be encouraging us to prepare our homes and yards for the coming months of winter in Northern Nevada. The sounds of crisp colorful leaves blowing around us is also a sign that we should be preparing for the coming months of winter.
As Northern Nevadans know, on or very close to October 31st, we see a significant change in the daily weather patterns. In fact, we have seen snow by the end of October. So I ask, are you prepared?
Have you had your fireplace inspected for any fire hazards? Are you prepared with the materials to have your warmth ready such as pellets or wood or ample fuel in tanks? Have you inspected your filters. A sure sign of filters needing attention is the smell of burning dust the first time the heater is turned on. Hence, before the heater is turned on, inspect the filters.
Have you installed or changed the batteries in the carbon monoxide detector?
During the summer did you feel drafts that gave relief to the summer heat? Well those same drafts are going to let in the winter cold if not addressed in the next weeks.
Have you reviewed the comforts for your animals as winter nears? Fresh straw for outdoor animals, wind breaks for corrals, fresh bedding in animal houses should also be reviewed.
Have I created a sense of urgency? All of the “official outdoor activities” are winding down and the snow is not yet here for skiing or snow sledding which makes this the perfect time to prepare for winter!

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